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02-01-2011, 10:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Tim Vezina Thomas View Post
My point was everyone was calling Bozak a "second line center" over the summer and prorating his stats up the ass, and now suddenly he sucks...just interesting.

And of course we thought Horton was gonna be great, I admit it. We were terribly wrong.

And look at it this way, why would any team give up a ton ten pick for someone who is "lazy," "one dimensional," "only speeds up the boards and does the curl and drag" and "isnt a player u build a team around." (Actual quotes from Leaf posters). Top ten picks are very valuable picks, why would a team, who isnt very good if theyre picking top ten, trade that cost controlled valuable player for a 5.4 million dollar player who has notable weaknesses/deficiencies? Why would they mirror Burkes mistake (in terms of team success)?

Would I trade Kessel for say Jordan Caron (Mid 1st round pick)? In a vacuum, with no history in Boston, abso****inglutely.
This isn't directed at you because obviously as Boston fan you've seen Kessel play, but I get the feeling that anyone on HF who isn't a Leafs or Bruins fan just makes up assumptions from what they hear on the forums which is either, gloating from the Bruins fans who got a significant return for him or complaints from the Leafs fans that are more related to anger about the trade than his actually play. The fact of the matter is that Kessel is not physical, but he does take somewhat of a beating to hang on to the puck, he doesn't run away like other people make it seem. Laziness though is one thing that I'll never understanding them saying, he hustles on nearly every play and usually generates so many 3 on 2s or 2 on 1s, and more often than not is the forward on his line that usually backs up the defensman if they pinch deep. He's actually been known to thwart a rush or two with a quick backcheck. I'm not going to lie though, he is below average defensively, however with his speed and a system like Julien's or Martin's or Babcock's he could be a decent 2-way guy. On the subject of the selfishness, yes he does hog the puck, especially on the PP, but you don't know how many times he's thread a beautiful pass to Bozak or Crabb and they've whiffed compeletly.

Basically I'm just trying to say that he gets underrated on here, and his flaws are just as evident as players from other teams but since he plays for Toronto and the trade has serious potential to be one-sided, he's gained a reputation for being lazy, selfish or a wuss, etc.

The thing is, a Kessel trade that involves a top 10 pick would probably be from a team who underperformed, like the Devils or Flames earlier on. Obviously neither of these teams would need Kessel in particular, and in Jersey's case definitely not for 1st overall, the point is that it would be for a team with an established veteran core. Either way though, Kessel wouldn't get a high pick literally in a trade, but something of similar value, like a top prospect from a contender and a 1st or an established young PMD +.

Besides, the odds of a lower top ten pick actually becoming something significant are lower than people think, Skinner this year was obviously an exception that skewed opinions.

Point is, yes Kessel is worth a substantial return, but with the current situation being that he's under a 2nd contract yet still young and not fully established to his potential, and so much was given up for him, means that it would be incredibly difficult to find a trade that's logical for both sides.

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