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Originally Posted by AmericanDream View Post
depends on the teams picking in the top 15 to be honest. I take these draft rankings with a grain of salt anyway, but with Ambroz it has been a frustrating year as the kid was a top 5 pick barely 5-6 months ago.

He just hasnt tore up the USHL like expected by some, but imo, that was unfair to begin with. Ambroz is STILL the youngest player on his team, and STILL plays against competition 2-3 years older then him. He is at a p.p.g pace, and is becoming more involved with the overall team game instead of just being a one-dimensional offensive player. His stats have suffered for this, but his overall game has improved if that makes sense. Think Mike Modano and how he changed his game.

This kid is a 6'3 200lb power forward, that has very nice hands and solid vision as well. His skating is his downside currently, but being such a big young kid, you have to expect that.

Ambroz is on pace to improve his scoring numbers from last year, and I would be absolutely shocked if he drops to the second round for this draft. Some scouting services focus too much on stats or skating issues, but real gm's and head scouts look at a player and project what he can become in a few years with work, and Ambroz is a very tempting player to project.

Ambroz plays much more physical then Saad, with a similar skillset imo. The real crime was Ambroz not playing for the University of Minnesota this year, because if he did we wouldnt be talking about this now.

NHL teams are smart (well some of them at least), they will snag this kid up fairly high. He is still a top 25 pick for what he has and what he can become. Top 10 is gone for him at this point, but he still has a very solid chance at the first round.

Thats about it. He plays PK, PP wears a letter. Fights. He is a becoming a complete player. Something that going to college right away might hinder him a bit.

"The big thing was to keep maturing, and I decided that a third year would be a great way to develop my leadership skills," Ambroz says. "I want to be a guy that can be looked up to and counted on down the road."

Seth is going to be a guy that needs to score for us, but he is also one of the first guys off the boards for the penalty kill, the first guy that has to block a shot for us," Littler says. "It's just nice to see Seth cares about other people, he's one of the first to help load the bus, and if someone's struggling he's the first person to reach out to them

You watch him show up on Monday and he's the first guy in line," Littler says. "That's what a leader is. That's what Seth Ambroz has been the first guy in line."

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