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02-01-2011, 12:15 PM
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Forgot about the "Matchbox" (pasadena) horrible, and I do remember liking Pickwick (Burbank) Good. Paramount always seemed soft to me although with its huge size i had some of my best offensive games there.

Ziggy, you mentioned Snoopy's. Have you ever played in the over-40 Tournament?
The ice was good, but its so weird playing without glass, shots were limited to knee high slappers, nothing higher.

I laugh everytime I think about Norwalk. The big wall on one side and low wall (or is it high benches). I remember in one game at least half our team stumbled jumping on the ice.

And I dont recall Simi being as cold as Culver often is. It was 48 in there Sunday.

And what discussion of crappy So Cal ice rinks would be complete without mentioning the old meat locker (it really was an old meat locker) on Calvert in Van Nuys right near the court house. We'd have to put cones over the holes where the ceiling leaked when it rained, and one side of the rink, (the south end) where the zamboni entered, was at least half a foot higher than the other actually forcing you to skate uphill into the zone. Its still there, owned by russians, and some buddies still play there on Saturday mornings. Now that rink was cold.

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