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02-01-2011, 11:28 AM
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[QUOTE=DiesIrae;29641438]I don't know what russias geographic size has to do with its demographics. huh??

never said "islamic hockey discouraging". what i said was that when there is no children to play the sport, it severely weakens the success of said sport.

and its extremely complex to cite what I'm explaining. you need to cite literally hundreds of sources to get the point which I am raising. further, the russian government stopped cooperating with westerners with reliable demographics information in around 2000-02.[/QUOTE

This should not degenerate into a Slavic/Turkic argument, but at this moment, there are officially 120 million Slavic people in Russia. Canada's population is 32 million, and its birth rate is close to the Slavic birth rate in Russia. So, by your calculation, Canada has a lot bigger hockey problem in 2030 than Russia.

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