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02-01-2011, 11:36 AM
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1- J-S Giguere (TOR): $ 1,322,581 <--No need but I could see Philly sending a 2nd for him.

2- Bryan McCabe (FLO): $ 1,267,473 <--Adds vet presence at the expense of a younger player sitting. Only makes sense if Drury goes the other way. If Drury goes the other way so will a pick or prospect. Drury may not waive to go to Fla. If it's McCabe alone for a pick or prospect without Drury I think it's a bad move. Good player, but not a significant upgrade over the current defenseman.

3- Tomas Vokoun (FLO): $ 1,256,452 <--No need, but will probably command a pretty good return. Philly will probably have interest here. Wonder if JVR could be headed to Fla?

4- Alex Kovalev (OTT): $ 1,102,151 <--No need whatsoever! Thinking maybe Detroit as a possible destination.

5- Jason Arnott (NJD): $ 991,935 <--No need, missed this boat by 10 years! Maybe the Canucks?

6- Tim Connolly (BUF): $ 991,935 <--No need, right handed shot. Lots of rumors about him to NY but this accomplishes nothing other than another monkeywrench into the center position. No idea who might be interested in him?

7- Tomas Kaberle (TOR): $ 936,828 <--Would be maybe the best fit of all the potential rentals. Worthy of sending a pick and prospect. A mid level prospect anyway. If Drury was the salary dump I would seriously consider sending a 1st with him. The Rangers have 3 in the first two. If it took a number 1 plus Drury who would then come off the books then it might not be the worst idea. Maybe Drury plus the Wash pick could get it done? Burke I am sure will be listening to anyone offering picks. Kaberle to NY i feel is the most likely option on this list with McCabe a close second. If it doesn't involve Drury the other way as a dump then I am not sold on the idea.

8- Cory Stillman (FLO): $ 778,853 <--No need, Enough forward depth here already. Maybe Boston?

9- Chris Phillips (OTT): $ 771,505 <--No need at all yet his name keeps popping up in Rangers rumors. I love physical defenseman, but Phillips better days are behind him. If a Dman is added, it should be a PMD with lots of speed. Or bonafide PP QB. Phillips is not that guy.

10- Craig Rivet (BUF): $ 771,505 <--No need, but I would expect moves here with the new owner. Maybe out West?

11- Jim Vandermeer (EDM): $ 506,989 <--No need, and I love adding a guy that stands up for his teammates, but Vandermeer hampers development becuase his addition would mean subtracting a better player. He is no better than any member of this defesne.

12- Jarkko Ruutu (OTT): $ 286,559 <--Love this kid. Love his game, but with Avery already here and Prust here. Cally now coming back. I don't think a grinder/pest is needed. But...The Canucks could certainly use this type of guy to help them advance out West.

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