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02-01-2011, 12:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
Oh yeah. There's definitely a difference between Ghost and no Ghost. A lot of players put too much trust in the radar when a plane is up.
With Ghost on, I can run around and get to killstreaks with a great deal of regularity... just seems like the good players that use the radar effectively will find you and cut you off with a UAV up and no Ghost on. When I run non-Ghost classes, I still go positive but it's a lot more 3-1/2-1/1-1 lives as opposed to big runs (my lowest killstreak is almost always Napalm, so that's not getting 'er done).

I swear I could be a 2 k/d if I'd slow down and run 'n gun less in TDM... but man, playing the more passive game is so damn boring.

I will also say the influx of idiots since Christmas has gotten old. They either need to stop sucking, or quit playing. A friend of mine plays on XBOX and says it has been bad over there too. I feel like 80% of the games I'm in these days are lopsided one way or the other. Doesn't help that for some reason there are an army of big parties in every lobby.

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