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02-01-2011, 12:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Beevatron2000 View Post
JFJ looks like he's starting to play much better, might not last, but probably worth it to see what he can do the rest of the season, see if he's worth keeping around.

Gregor made a great point on ON today that the fourth line really doesn't matter that much. Whether guys like JFJ or Fraser stay or go probably isn't of that much importance to the future of the club.
I was just arguing that last week. I'm gonna have to find that article. People love to rag on the 4th liners because they are typically (always on a last place team) unimportant to a teams success. They see the least amount of ice time, are the least skilled and have the least impact on the outcome of a game. It's fairly obvious that they are the least important players so I really don't understand why people hate on them so much. Let's pick on the good players who are underperforming instead ya?

We're a last place team and our worst players (4th line) are our worst players, what a shocker!

We're in the middle of a rebuild and people are lamenting the fact that our 4th line sucks? Because the 4th line is unimportant it's the last thing that needs attention.

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