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Originally Posted by MaxV View Post
Honestly, Russia should be a lot better in both Hockey AND Soccer then what it currently is. And I mean A LOT better.

Medvedev/Putin are investing a lot of money in both of those programs and hopefully it'll produce results. Investing more money into it is great, but the issue is efficiency.

How about, instead of giving all those millions to those fat-heads that just pocket the money and don't do ****, they invest in kids themselves?

I mean, hockey is expensive and that is the reason that so few Russian kids try out. Why not start a fund or something that helps prospective young kids get into the sport?

In soccer, they can expand their training infrastructure in youth level. More facilities and groups.

And how about improving the coaches? I mean, I can only speak about the town that I'm from (in Moldova, not Russia) and I might be wrong about this, but I bet a lot of youth coaches are amateurs, especially in small town.

How about holding some conventions? How about teaching the Teachers?

You improve the quality of the coaches, you improve the quality of the players imo.

I mean, there are A LOT of things that can be done, even without spending billions.
I am not from Russia, so not be competent to comment it, but...

As I read web page of MHL, I know that there are some seminars for coaches. As I know, following one will be during Challenge Cup of MHL in february.

I dont know if there are some seminars for coaches in kids hockey. I think there SHOULD be.

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