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02-01-2011, 01:12 PM
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This certainly adds some support to the rumor that Vanderbeek pushed hard for Kovalchuk because he was trying to sell the team to Prokhorov (Nets' new owner).

EDIT: I would assume that if Vanderbeek is sending out letters soliciting offers, any negotiations with Prokhorov failed or he is looking to drive up the price.

I was about to quip, "Good show on Vanderbeek after saddling the franchise with a 15 yr, $100m contract (or whatever the final figure turned out to be). Seeing how it's front-loaded after the first two years...... no wonder he wants out. [$6m first two yrs, then $11m+ for the next six....]

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FWIW, by my count, there are nine (US) NHL teams for sale (wholly or partially).
Why not list them since someone will ask. (And you can link to your nifty chart in the data thread.)

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