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02-01-2011, 02:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Rodent View Post


Perhaps the Kaberle of four years ago, five years ago, etc.

But the "current" Kaberle?

Two goals. None on the power play. Rangers already have that in DeeZee/Gilroy/etc. Replacing one of those guys with Kaberle doesn't improve the Ranger attack. Shall I continue? Fewer than two SOG/game. Half a hit per game.

Half a hit per game?

Rangers need someone to clear the crease. If Tomas is not going to catalyze the offense, not going to clear the crease... remind me again how he helps NYR?If Tomas Kaberle was the difference between NYR challenging for The Cup or not, then fine... piss the pix and assets necessary to land him on Broadway.

But I don't see it. I don't see how Kaberle is a difference maker at this stage of his career.

Hey. Roy Oswalt lit it up in Philly after the trade, suggesting his average numbers in Houston in recent years might have been more a case of him languishing on a hopeless roster. So perhaps I'm wrong about Kaberle and his pedestrian numbers are a case of being in Toronto, but I don't think so. Not when this is his "walk" year and he's supposed to be impressing potential bosses with just how good a UFA pickup he'd be in July. For someone who's supposed to be mounting a career year, I'm seeing nothing impressive.
So you are saying this Rangers defense isn't physical enough? Seems to be the one issue that hasen't been an issue this season.

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