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Originally Posted by CantSeeColors View Post
Nobody said they're locks. The point is the Phillies have more of them than just about anyone else. Some of them will make it, some won't, but by the time the current team's core actually need to be replaced, several of them likely will be ready to step in. You can't expect them all to make it, but by the same token you can't expect all of them to NOT make it.

As for injury replacements, I don't think they're really a concern. Didn't derail the team last year. Whoever loses out of Brown and Fransisco is a very high quality backup OF (not to mention Gload). Valdez or some other player with a decent glove can cover middle infield. Schneider is a fine backup C. Anyone can play 1B. Kendrick and Worley are passable replacement starters. Bullpen is always a tossup. The only concerns I'd have are if Polanco or Victorino miss extended periods, but you're never going to be perfect.
I would wager Valdez would ably man 3B if necessary for a modest stretch. Anything past that and you might have a problem. The advantage with Polanco at 3B is that he isn't one of our power bats. It isn't like on other teams where if they lose 3B they have a power vacuum in their lineup.

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