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02-01-2011, 04:11 PM
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Let me put it this way:

The Maple Leafs in an alternate universe has sucked since its inception and every time the team has a bright future, management screws it to death. The fans are scared away because the team ****ing sucks. The star players leave because the team sucks (and/or they kill their teammates) while ownership sits idly by. Their one time making the playoffs and interesting the people of the city, they end up getting sweeped. The very next season where everyone is looking forward to the playoffs they trade one of the key pieces of getting there for ***** and giggles and tank. Half the players they've drafted become busts. Then, suddenly, there's a bright spot on the horizon. You have the 4th pick overall and you have a guy who has upside comparable to one of the best power forwards in the game in Jarome Iginla. This kid who's been compared to Iginla fits in with your city demographics and has expressed interest in being drafted by the team, even going on the say "I want to be the guy who brings hockey back to this town." You take him. He shows tons of promise and becomes a fan favorite immediately, and your team is suddenly on the rise.

Would you trade a player like that? I wouldn't.

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