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02-01-2011, 04:12 PM
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Well we know how Rodent feels now anyway--by the way he does have a great site--and his op-eds are the best in Rangerland.

Back to what I originally said about Kaberle--he's a puck mover. I didn't say he was a goal scorer. He's been playing for a crap team for a while. The idea in any case is he can move the puck around--he can think on his feet and if he can set up the likes of Kessel and Grabovski on the pwp--he should be able to do even better with Gaborik and Dubinsky. Rangers have more talent for him to work with. The argument for a bone cruncher on the D that Rodent makes is a good one--we need someone like that too--I just think that the puck moving D is a better idea for now--special teams play in the playoffs is crucial. OTOH what it costs to bring Kaberle on board might be a lot more prohibitive than what it would cost to bring the bonecruncher. Have to weigh all that and figure that Kaberle won't be around next year--so how much is too much?. Short term gain vs. long term value--maybe somewhat better odds winning adding Kaberle when you spin the ball on the roulette table.

I don't think the Rangers are really going to win this year even adding Kaberle and even with the team uninjured and intact but my perception of Sather is that he has a gambler's mentality and he's going to spin the wheel. Our best chance IMO still comes from adding a puck moving vet d-man.

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