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Originally Posted by CPhoenixM View Post
Is there a way specifically to strengthen your ankles? I was always under the impression that 'weak ankles' is a myth. I find that the strength of my ankle doesn't really matter if my skates are right because they don't move. However, if it's a real thing I'd still like stronger ankles.

BTW, I love single leg squats. Doing them has done a lot to help my balance while skating on one foot and to make it so that 1 of my legs isnt dominant.
At first my right leg was much more dominant than my left, but now Ive got it to the point where they are pretty close to being equal. Since much of skating is done one foot at a time, single leg squats are very important, IMO.
I used to have problems that my ankles would start to burn after about 15 minutes of skating, but now I can skate for a entire hour long open skate session and not need to stop and take a break.

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