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02-01-2011, 04:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Jagr68NYR94Leetch View Post
Your argument just gets weaker and weaker.

Yeah actually he would fit in perfectly here. Kaberle is a very, very good puck moving defenseman. Our PP has been abysmal to be nice. They are terrible at carrying the puck up the ice on the PP, and once in the zone they are awful passing the puck around. Kaberle has 28 Assists this year. 19 of those from the PP. But you know more than anyone else, he wouldnt make a difference.

And yeah I forget that since Kaberle isnt superman and cant propel is pathetic toronto team into a playoff spot, we shouldnt look into acquire him. What!!!!??? How dumb does that sound. Gee, he must not be good since he cant be a one man show with below average forwards in front of him and be able to move them up in the standings. Please think before you post.

No one is saying we should trade away the future. Not one person here is saying that. What we are saying is that if you have a chance to add a quality player at a reasonable price then why not? Because you're afraid to deal away any of our young players? Sather isnt dumb for one. So even if he does make a deadline deal for Kaberle it wouldnt include sauer, mdz, or McD. Maybe it would include gilroy. We have Kundratek and Valentenko sitting in hartford. Those two could be trade chips as well. I'd be willing to move one of those two and Gilroy plus a pick and a forward prospect for Kaberle. Thats a reasonable deal.

The fact is, he is far from "over-the-hill" as you CLAIM. He is on pace to have a 50 point season. You clearly have no clue what you're talking about because he would come here and be playing in the same role he did in toronto, which is indeed a "prominent" role. If anything he would be considered the #3 defenseman behind staal and girardi. If you really dont think he'd make an impact then you know nothing about players outside of this organization.
Agreed 100%.

If Kaberle can be had for the right price (not Sauer, McDonagh, MDZ), you have to pull the trigger. His ability to transport the puck from the backend is something we haven't seen on this team in a long time. It's something we've seen flashes of from Del Zotto (mostly last year), but I can honestly say that if Del Zotto becomes anything close to the player Kaberle has been over the course of his career, I'm a happy camper.

He's not washed up. He's 32 years old. Not 38. And he's still putting up All-Star quality numbers for a defenseman, on a ****** team. His addition wouldn't make us a favorite or anything, but it would certainly make us better on the back end and on the power play. It would provide a much-needed offensive weapon to a team whose offensive talent is definitely lower than that of Pittsburgh, Philly or Washington.

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