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02-01-2011, 08:32 PM
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Carter has already had 84 over 82 games which is better than a point per game... To score 100 points over a season a player has to score at just a hair under a 1.22 point per game pace. Carter would have had to score just two points more every 10 games to hit 100 that season... and prior to his freak break last season he was on an iron man streak, IIRC, and 82 games was/is not that big a deal for some players... Giroux has been a sturdy player, as has others.

It must be remembered that the NHL is not a static league and all sorts of paces and trends fluctuate... and at times on a pretty huge swing. Long before the New NHL came about circumstances swung where the huge scoring seasons and Gretzky's 92 goal and 200+ point seasons went far away... There is no way we can be certain that circumstances won't arise where scoring rises a bit again -- probably never to that extent though -- point being we don't know what is ahead.

All that said... it is still not impossible that a Flyers player won't emerge as a 1.22 PPG type player... and again, I believe Giroux has the God given talent to excel, and maybe enough to crack the 100 point per season mark in a couple of years. Although I have to agree that it is not quite as easy to do on the Flyers as it would be on other teams... We will see.

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