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02-01-2011, 11:04 PM
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Originally Posted by 417 View Post
reading comments on the main board...seeing how Subban gets boo'ed on opposing rinks, I really have to wonder what the hell the kid has done to make people hate him so much?


I really don't get it...
Originally Posted by Montréal Russians View Post
Why do we boo Chara, Briere etc? Because they are good, dangerous and make us jealous that we don't have them
Don't think it's that. As good as he has been for us, he isn't getting Crosby-jeers in opposing rinks. I mean, if he were playing for another team against the Habs I wouldn't boo him but I'd boo Chara.

It's simple to me: People are booing him because they've been told to. Not just by the idiots of the world (Don Cherry, Mike Richards), but by the media that made those viewpoints into actual stories.

Why was Subban's celebration against Calgary a point of contention? You see that a dozen times a year, but this time it got an inordinate amount of coverage. Everything PK does is put under the microscope because it can lazily be turned into a controversial story by just adding a little innuendo.

"I have no problem with it, but some people don't like it." Who are these people?

"He doesn't show respect on the ice." What does he do, exactly?

"He mouthes off a lot." What does he say?

Nobody will have answers to these questions because there are none. Sure, some fans will hate him for a legitimate reason like Rangers fans and the slew foot. Others will grasp onto anything they can because they feel they should hate him but aren't quite sure why, like Pens fans believing he intentionally sliced Staal's tendon.

It just is what it is now. People who don't even hate him now will one day see him play and just feel the urge to hate him because he checked their favorite player, or got a slashing penalty. They'll laugh when he turns over the puck because they can then assure themselves he's overrated. They'll yell "shut up!" whenever they see him talking to a star on the ice.

All because a senile old xenophobe and a good ol' Canadian head hunter were given their soapboxes and the media ran with it.

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