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Bob's and Bill Barber's interviews to the Russian Newspaper "Sovetskiy Sport"

Bellow are the interviews by Bob and Bill Barber to “Sovetskiy Sport” translated by me (apologies for style and mistakes). It’s funny that I had to translate Barber’s answers back to English:


Q: With what celebrity would you like to have a dinner?
A: As of now, I would love to have a dinner with my girlfriend in Philadelphia.

Q: Which movie would you agree to star in?:
A: I like comics, light comedies and movies that make you think. The actors I like are Nicholas Cage, Al Pachino. May be “Godfather”? NO, I can’t choose just one.

Q: Your first car?
A: “Isuzu Axiom”. It’s kept in Russia. I bought it not so long ago to have driving practice.

Q: Your first job?
A: I have not done anything, but hockey.

Q: Which subjects, besides phys. Ed., did you like in school?
A: History, Geography. By the way, we did not have phys. Ed. Class. I was in a special hockey class since I was 10 years old.

Q: Which historic time would you like to live in?
A: I do not need ancient Rome. I am happy here and now.

Q: Your dream?
A: My head is not in the clouds, I make specific goals in my life. Move towards them, reach them and then make new ones. It’s like climbing a ladder. One of my goals is the Olympic Games in Sochi. I do not really know what is going to happen in a year or 2, but everything is in my hands.

Bill Barber's:

Q: Bobrovskiy was not even drafted. He was discovered by a scout. May we say that the Flyers just found a diamond in the rough?
A: Exactly! It’s too soon to jump to the conclusions, but he plays really well this season. He already has some experience. He is very young, but he plays effectively the most difficult position in hokey. Very quick reaction, excellent lateral movement from post to post and very quick in general. Bobrovskiy has tremendous potential.

Q: Is he starting his carrier as the club legend Pelle Lindbergh?
A: You can’t compare. Hockey has significantly changed lately. The only common thing- both of them placed their team in the leading position. Flyers are first in the league now!
He will correct his deficiencies. It’s important for both him and the club not to rush. There is different hockey here than in Europe. Smaller rinks, more bustle, more physicality in the crease. On needs time and patience to adapt to the NHL.

Q: Bobrovskiy and Bouche are in the competition for the # 1 goalie in Flyers. Leighton is not in the race, is he?
A: I would not discount Leighton. He led the Flyers to SC finals last year. We live in a complex hockey time , especially because of the cap. Nobody knows what’s going to happen tomorrow and when Leighton might be needed. It’s a middle of the season. If Michael’ is not on the team right now, that does not mean that he won’t be called up for play offs. (I cringe here and hope that it won’t happen)

Q: Washington team was not afraid to bet on the rookie Varlamov during play offs. Had you been a Flyers coach would you have risked relying on rookie Bobrovskiy?
A: No doubts! Yes, play offs hockey differs from the regular season, but you have to win games to reach play offs. You also need to need to win games to win the cup. If he manages to win now, why would not he do it in play offs? I would trust the guy.

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