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02-02-2011, 06:32 AM
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Questions about Dallas

Hi, I posted this in last night's GDT, but didn't get any replies -- re-posting, hope you don't mind, thanks.

coming this weekend for big game, couple Qs i was wondering if you could help out with.

Whats the best Steakhouse for Saturday night?
currently have a reservation at JRs in Arlington, but not sure how great it is. I hear Bobs is up there, Capitol Grille too (though that's a chain, been to the one in Nashville.) ..How about Silverfox?

Also, want to play golf Saturday -- but is the weather going to blow that plan out? It's supposed to be 50+ then, but brutal today, right? So will the courses be icy Sat still?
Considering these 3 courses, any advice/comments -- Buffalo Creek, Tiere Verde, Golf Club at the Resort.

Staying in Arlington,

GL to the Stars the rest of the way

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