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Originally Posted by Sawdalite View Post
On the one hand we were talking about the eras being different... thus different point totals in the eras... and then you throw in the 40+ Recchi's early years to show that he had his 100 point years around the age of Giroux... How can we compare them when they were of similar ages in way different eras?
That point wasn't comparing eras... it was addressing your belief that Giroux is "still young." If you're talking about 100 pt seasons, he isn't. Offensive production actually peaks rather early for players on average. Most players enjoy their best offensive stretch in the 23-28 period of their career, and I would actually suggest that you hedge that to the earlier side of that range.

Offensive production is a young man's game.

All players are different as are all organizations... Some teams that draft a high draft choice are lower in their development and tend to throw your talented players out there to have a greater impact on the team than a team further along that allows their players to take a back seat and develop slower. Some of those players you cite were thrown to the wolves out of the gate (Juniors) as teams saviors... The Flyers didn't with Giroux.
This really has nothing to do with what you're trying to argue. Moreover, if Giroux had been good enough he would have been on the roster. It had nothing to do with the Flyers pushing him or not pushing him. Most of the folks we're going to be talking about as 100 pt players are showing that talent when they are very very young (for example, see Stamkos right now).

And some players increase their output and progress steadily before they have a breakout season... others have a great impact from the get go... all players are different; I believe Giroux will get better and has not yet reached anywhere near his peak. Of course I could be way off base.
Sure, but most of the elite scorers -- the guys that are going to hit 100 -- are showing that when they are Giroux's age or younger. A guy like Heatley took until 25, but he was a more dangerous offensive player when he was Giroux's age.

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