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Originally Posted by Sawdalite View Post
First off I am not and would not put Giroux in the Crosby Ovechkin class.

We do however have to take into account that Crosby and Ovechkin were can't miss superstars that were selected by teams that placed them in positions of greater expectations and reliance... they were fast tracked and proved worthy of that.

Giroux on the other hand was what? 22nd overall and passed on by 21 selectors -- and would have been by the Flyers also had their man been still on the board -- He was by no means supposed to be a can't miss... So he certainly was not in the same class nor same level nor same pace as those two... nor Malkin who also was fast tracked and a better prospect IIRC.
Giroux's draft selection is completely irrelevant to the argument you are making about the type of production we should expect as being somewhat likely from him. Moreover, he wasn't fast tracked because he wasn't ready... not because of where he was picked. Flyers have had little problem putting young players into the fire... like, ya know, Bob.

All of this is to say that saying that the others were better at Giroux's age is IMO not a true way to gauge where Claude should be now... And we don't know whether or not he will reach a higher level once he is matured and given the greater responsibility on his team
Well, "should be" is the wrong way to phrase it. Noting that others were (or are) better than Giroux's age is indicative of where he stands on the progression arc, though.

Also none of those other players had a Richards, Carter and Briere ahead of him and above him... He came in as a prospect that advanced faster that projected, and was placed in a position where he could compliment the players already on the team, not be a savior... He may never be close to the others but he may have 100 point seasons... I see greatness in his game, but I see it as still raw and still improving... he needs to gain consistency and develop and refine his game; he is a work in progress... he may just be a superstar in development. I have high hopes I realize this.
Ah... Crosby, Ovechkin, etc. were not going to be affected at all by having a Richards, Carter, Briere, etc. ahead of 'em.

Giroux was actually expected to make the team out of camp a few years back, but failed to do so and went to the AHL. So, I'm not sure where this "advanced faster than projected" thing comes from. Additionally, given how well he performed in the 2nd half of that season, I think it's safe to say last year was a bit of a disappointment outside of the playoffs when looking at his production.

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