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02-02-2011, 09:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Rodent View Post
I assumed his statement was sarcastic. I.e., I interpreted his words to mean that it's illogical to conclude Kaberle will play well for NYR just because his track record on this Leaf team has been lackluster.

I agree.

Look. It's possible Kaberle would be better on Broadway. I concede that. That's why I wrote about what happened to Roy Oswalt. But that's where the parallel ends. Oswalt was not at the end of his contract. Kaberle is. Kaberle should not need any more motivation to perform better this season. There is no objective reason to assume Kaberle would be better as a Ranger than as a Leaf. Indeed... my point is that because this is Kaberle's walk year, he should be expected to do everything in his power to prove himself worthy of a big UFA deal this summer. Yet, his numbers are anything but remarkable.

Furthermore, his resistance to waiving his NTC suggests he's happy in Toronto which means there's no excuse for him not to be putting up better numbers.

All the warning signs are there. Yet some folks seem convinced he's worth sacrificing talent/picks just to rent him in a year the Rangers are very unlikely to go all the way.

The time to have rented Kaberle would have been two springs ago, not this season.

It's probably moot anyway.

I'm guessing that Tomas will waive his NTC only to go to a real contender. And while it is not impossible for NYR to pull a 1993 LAK or 2003 Dux and shock the world... if you look at the choices Kaberle might have before March arrives, NYR is not going to be high on the list of potential dance partners. He'll probably want to go to a top-four seed in either conference.

Last I looked, NYR hasn't been a Top Four seed since Colin Campbell stood behind the bench.

It's as I said before.

If his price is a fourth-rounder and nothing more, then fine. Rent Kaberle if you insist. Otherwise, the investment seems too risky to warrant the sacrifice of picks/prospects for someone who (as evidence suggests) is a shell of his former self.

IMO, the Iginla thread made more sense than this one does. And even then, I wondered out loud why NYR fans would want to add a third RW when there are only 60 minutes per game and Gabby and Cally are going to skate 39 of them. How would Iggy get the number of shifts he needs to put up his kinda production?

There's something strange that happens in this place whenever a former All-Star's name is mentioned as being "available". People go giddy here scheming how NYR can obtain said athlete who is on the downside of his career, completely disregarding the practicality of the acquisition, even going so far as to neglect how said veteran would fit into the current system.

Richards at least made sense from the perspective of what NYR needs. Nor is Richards on the decline. But Iggy? Kaberle?

Those are just famous names which certainly would have been great pickups years ago. But they're not "right" for NYR at this time and within the current context. Still, it's the reputation that drives some folks crazy on this forum. And didn't NYR fans learn their lessons about "reputation" acquisitions from 2000 through the lockout?

Jiminy Christmas. Look at how talent-loaded the Rangers were then. The rosters read like an NHL Who's Who every training camp. Yet they failed to even reach the playoffs a single time.

"Oh! Let's get Kovalev back!"

"Vlad Malakhov just won a cup. Let's get him!"

"Anson Carter! Anson Carter!"

And last year it was "Olli Jokinen!"

I resisted.

"Oh, but Rodent. He's on a terrible team in Calgary. All he needs is a change of scenery. You can't judge him by his numbers as a Flame. Trust me. Trade for Olli and you'll see how much better he'll play on Broadway as a rental. And then Slats will want to sign him to a long-term extension."

Where have I heard that before?

"Oh, but Rodent. Kaberle is on a terrible team in Toronto. All he needs is a change of scenery. You can't judge him by his numbers as a Leaf. Trust me. Trade for Tomas and you'll see how much better he'll play on Broadway as a rental. And then Slats will want to sign him to a long-term extension."

Look. I told everyone last year after the deal was made that NYR's real prize was Brandon Prust. That is what made the deal "strategic" for NYR.

How about instead of clamoring for Kaberle someone tell me the Prust equivalent in a Kaberle deal such that NYR comes away with a permanent piece of the strategic puzzle when Tomas signs with some other team on July 1.

Okay. I'll let you have the last word. I have no additional angles to offer.

Listen I understand your mindset rodent. I understand our past moves. The only one of the examples that you gave that I was for was Kovalev. I'd always take kovalev because he is still a talented offensive player.

But that is neither here nor there. I'm not looking to add a contract that extends past this year. I'm asking why are we not open to adding very good offensive defenseman. For those of you who dont think he is a top 15 defenseman in this league you have no idea what you're talking about. He's playing on a poor team and still has 30 points. He is on pace for 50. That's top 15 statistics.

Maybe all of you who dont want Kaberle didnt watch the game last night. Because if you did you would've have seen another horrific showing from the PP units. We had a 5 minute power play for ****s sake. 5 Minutes! And it was without the Penguins best PKer, Staal who had taken the penalty. Not to mention they had already lost Asham. Crosby, Malkin, Letestu were all not playing. And we only manage one goal? And that was with 40 seconds left on the PP. Thats ****ing pathetic. And thennnnn we had even more chances on the PP in the 3rd. Its like the penguins didnt even mind taking penalties against us. We never look like we have the extra guy out there because we cant move the puck well enough to exploit the other team playing one man short by getting the puck to an open player. Its just awful. If you think Kaberle wouldnt enhance this team's PP greatly then you need to get your heads out of your ***** and start paying attention to whats going on out on the ice. Losing to the penguins in OT shouldnt have happened. Losing to the penguins period, shouldnt have happened.

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