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Originally Posted by nik jr View Post
i think this probably refers to an argument between CW vs me and The_Eck. but CW is dishonest about it.

CW's original post:

no one in that thread said anything about rousseau as an all time great (other than CW in straw man arguments), or that cournoyer or richard were among the best ever offensively, but The_Eck and i disagreed with CW's ridiculous statement that they totally lacked offensive talent.
You pimped them as being more offensively gifted than a player like Kovalev which is completely false. If you will recall the argument started because you guys claimed Jammy was working with peewees basically. When it comes to a player like Cournoyer or Richard, it wasn't their scoring that makes them great. Obviously they were capable but like I said, no more so than Kovalev.

also omitted the very important addition in '71 of frank mahovlich, clearly an elite offensive player. CW later said that frank mahovlich was past his prime, which is not true.
Oh. You mean 1971 when a 39 year old Jean Beliveau led the Habs to yet another Cup? Yes, they did add Frank. He played a whopping 38 games for them but I suppose he could be responsible for it all instead of the almost 40 year old captain who finished top 10 in league scoring and led the team.

The_Eck and i said that players like henri richard, cournoyer, provost, rousseau, backstrom, goyette, etc were skilled scorers and in some cases elite players. i also pointed out the goalies and d-men, which were as important as the F's in the cups.
Goalies? Rogie Vachon and who? Charlie Hodge for the other years? I'd take Tommy B over either.

i am not sure why '65 was omitted.
They didn't win the Cup.

in '62, this total lack of offensive talent set a record for goals by a team (259) that lasted for 5 seasons. beliveau only played 43 games and doug harvey had been traded before the season.
Ah yes, 62. You do realize that not one guy on the team had over a PPG right? Don't "elite scorers" as you label them normally eclipse that fairly modest mark? See, ehat you and your friend seem to miss is that I never said they couldn't play. I was simply pointing out to you that Beliveau wasn't flanked by superstars all the time. Even when he wasn't, he led teams to great success, something which Jammy could not do.

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