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02-02-2011, 11:11 AM
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Originally Posted by JT Dutch View Post
... They weren't either, and you know it. Thornton was 14th on the team in scoring, then 18th. Willsie was 11th, then 14th. Conroy was 13th, then gone. McCauley scored one point as a King. ONE POINT = TOP OFFENSE GUY AMIRITE

Why don't you say who the top offensive guys really were, instead? They were Cammalleri, Frolov, Kopitar, Visnovsky, Brown, O'Sullivan - not a bad collection of players at that time. And not only that, the teams under Crawford sacrificed defense to get offense.

... Don't have to "defend" anything. The Kings are an average offensive team and an outstanding defensive team when compared to the rest of the league. Again, if you don't appreciate good defense, that's your problem. Having to resort to things like "McCauley was one of our top offense guys under Crawford" in order to justify your irrational obsession with bashing Murray every day just makes you look dishonest and weakens your point that much more.
Yes, thankfully gone are the days of the easy 2-foot tap in for a goal that Kings' opponents seemed to get once or twice a game under Crawford.

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