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07-12-2005, 06:23 AM
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I'm with Canadahockeygirl. I'm a female player. I've been on teams where I've changed with my male teammates, and I've been on teams where we were separate. It's never been a big deal when I want to change with the guys. Changing away from them makes it very difficult to be a full part of the team.

As for the risks, if your team is going to focus and bond around sex, they are going to do it no matter who is in the locker room or where the female player is. Will she have to ride to the game in a separate car so she won't be the only girl on the bus with them? Not attend team functions so she won't be the only girl?

Girls and women take risks merely by existing. There's nothing we can do to make ourselves completely safe from ****, assault, harrassment, theft, murder or anything else. But if a girl has to worry about this sort of stuff from her teammates, then the team has a whole lot bigger problems than whether there is a girl changing on the bench next to you.

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