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Originally Posted by CarlWinslow View Post
Let's take your example of the other thread. You mentioned Colton Orr. Ever notice that even when a guy like Ovechkin gets on the ice vs. an Orr, it's not an automatic goal? At the same time, you agreed Orr was a useless piece of crap.
As far as I know hockey is not an individual sport. Even if Ovechkin and Orr are on the ice, Orr still has teammates and a goaltender playing with him who are working together to stop Ovechkin.

Originally Posted by CarlWinslow View Post
So why doesn't Ovechkin score at will against a guy like Orr whereas a Bossy would chew up any line with an Orr caliber player on it? It's because Bossy was better.
Bossy scored at will against any line with poor players? I guess Bossy must have scored most of his goals against terrible players then, while Ovechkin apparently scores against players of all types. That to me would make Ovechkin the superior player. That is unless your statement is a massive exaggeration...

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