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02-02-2011, 02:03 PM
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Originally Posted by JackSlater View Post
As far as I know hockey is not an individual sport. Even if Ovechkin and Orr are on the ice, Orr still has teammates and a goaltender playing with him who are working together to stop Ovechkin.

Bossy scored at will against any line with poor players? I guess Bossy must have scored most of his goals against terrible players then, while Ovechkin apparently scores against players of all types. That to me would make Ovechkin the superior player. That is unless your statement is a massive exaggeration...
Of course it is. There is no evidence to suggest either way is right just like there is no evidence to suggest the lower end players of the 80s are any worse than the lower end players Ovechkin faces. That is unless you want to stretch and bend statistics to suit the argument.

We are throwing around opinions as if they are fact. Therefore my exaggeration becomes appropriate to the argument.

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