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02-02-2011, 02:15 PM
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Originally Posted by vera1964 View Post
Ah, OK. Then how about that 1976 video? Or the broken ankle in 1972? Hard-nosed or plain dirty?

I don't know how many of you guys love european players, and I don't really care. Clarke clearly didn't. I can't imagine him signing somebody like Zherdev. Zherdev irritates many of you because he exemplifies what Clarke used to avoid by any means: a higly skilled russian finesse player. And just by being here he marks the end of Clarke's era.

The era many of you are not ready to be done with.
What are you talking about. Like really, your like a ****ing wall, we keep saying the same stuff over and over and you ignore it and continue to say the same ****. Zherdev is skilled, we ALL, 99.9999% of us agree, but that DOES NOT mean he uses it right. If he is so skilled why hasnt he scored like Ovechkin, Kovy, etc etc? Your excuses are the coaches, which is laughable even by other Zherdev Flyers fans.

Where is this information you are getting where we like goon hockey? Please, by all means make a poll. I will throw down money that close to 97%+ do not like goon hockey, and are 100% fine with the era we live in.

Vera stop throwing **** at the wall. Your just really grumpy, go outside or something and chill. Then come back.

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