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02-02-2011, 02:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Coach View Post
They should be giving out those snugglies tonight. It could be a sellout as they have hockey weather down in the desert.
I hope the weather doesn't keep the fans from attending the game tonight.

In all seriousness does anyone else find it strange that the COG has issued only a few one line statements from their spokesperson and the statement directed at Goldwater and essence have remained very quiet since December 14. Why no TV, radio or newspaper interviews singing the praises of the Coyotes remaining in Glendale. Politicians love to take credit for "making a difference". Conversely neither Liebermann or Alvarez has spoken out publicly against the deal with Mr. Hulsizer.

This to me seems to be the opposite of transparent government and seems to consist wholly of secret backroom planning.

Is it at all possible that the deal may be in some real trouble. In addition, if the deal with Mr. Hulsizer was to not work out and the NHL draws on the $25 million to cover this years losses could that be an illegal gift? If it is clearly in violation of the Arizona gift clause to give the NHL $25 million to fund losses directly could the Mayor and council have knowlingly signed a contract last June with the NHL that breaks state law. What could the repurcussions of that be?

At this point in the season would it be safe to say the Coyotes owe some serious $$$$$ to some of their accounts. Airlines, hotels etc... At what point in time will those companies demand payment? Could it be two weeks?

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