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10-10-2003, 02:28 AM
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I would love to hear how Cechmanek cost us the Ottawa series when the only times we have beaten them over the last two seasons is when he was shutting them out.

When you have to have your goalie pitch a shut out to win, your problem isn't in net.

Cechmanek had bad games in the Ottawa series. However, he also had more good games than anybody else on the team.

The reason why we lost to Ottawa is because they were a better team. Cechmanek's two shut outs are why is lasted as long as it did.

Our offense was horrible, as it was against Toronto. In fact, as it has been for the last 2 years.

The special teams were pathetic.

Our 'stout' defense was breaking down like an old Jag to the fast and skilled Sens. They pounced on our every mistake.

On the list of 'why we lost', Cechmanek's performance is well down the list. Against Ottawa, Cechmanek had more SOs than JR, Primeau, LeClair, Amonte and Recchi COMBINEDhad goals.

But who cares. Philly has yet another scapegoat on the alter. We can win with this core of players because we all know it was just (Cechmanek, Hextall, Lindros, The Easter Bunny, Barber, Ramsey, Nielson, 2004 TBA) holding them back.

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