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07-12-2005, 01:11 PM
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Originally Posted by canadahockeygirl
I think that's a misconception that a lot of people have about women. We're not these delicate flowers that haven't ever heard a sex joke or something like that. Most of us (or at least all the ones I have known to play hockey) can handle a little sexual harassment now and then and will give it back in abundance.
Sex jokes are pretty much bound to happen in any situation in a guys locker room. It's the more "amusing" stuff that makes me wonder why a girl would want to share a locker room with a bunch of guys. Have you ever had a guy in your locker room wave his dick at you? If you haven't, I'd say you're pretty lucky as the guys probably don't feel comfortable to do it in front of you. But stuff like that (and much worse) happens all the time in male locker rooms on a lot of teams.

I have a lot of female friends who play hockey on guys teams and they're always the butt-end of jokes, no matter what. One of my friends was forced to change in the guys locker room because of the lack of another usable locker room to use prior to a game, and she was almost rap-ed by one of her teammates before someone called the coach.

I don't have anything against girls playing on men's teams if they're good enough. I just don't understand why they would deal with the "jokes" they would face, regardless of how much they love competition. Women being allowed to share a locker room with guys IMHO should never be allowed unless the girl knows all of the guys on the team very well, and it would be better if she also had a brother or a member of her family on the team.

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