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07-12-2005, 02:29 PM
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Your pinto feelings

Originally Posted by Shadowtron
I must be the exception. I was a Rangers fan before I knew the roster or in which arena the team played. The game hooked me.
The players may 'attract' attention but the quality of the game sustains it. I see your point, but as Dedalus said the best players in the world aren't going to be able to sell a bad product. If hockey isn't much fun it doesn't matter who's name is on the sweater, people will lose interest. It's like a car. Without an engine the car is useless. But if the vehicle is an overpriced piece of garbage, the best engine in the world isn't going to move it off your lot. Right now, I feel that league is trying to sell the fans a '77 Pinto at '04 BMW prices. I don't care what's under the hood because it's still a beat-up Pinto.
is that because they are trying to change the fabric of the game with all these rule changes? I feel that bettman is just tryng to sell a product regardless if you really want it. He took a sport at its high point and drove it right into the grave. Now he wants to do the old shell game, add smoke & mirrors, and presto, he has a product that he can market to sponsors to charge increase rights fees to. He could care less about the fans.