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02-03-2011, 01:56 AM
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speculate all you want, thats what everyone does... i think we should step back and look at the situation for what it was.

lets examine:

Speculation on Staal:
I do not think he intended to cheapshot Prust. I think he was caught up and meant if anything to do a face wash, but the moment made him go for a 'hard' face wash without thinking, which came off as a punch and happening to catch prust sqaure in the side of the face. this made it look like a text-book cheap-shot-punch-to-the-face.

Speculation on prust:
did not dive. he made a hard hit in a heated moment against the boards. he most likely expected someone was gonna come at him, but probably did not expect to get punched in the face. He's a human, on ice, and he got punched in the face no matter what the intentions were of the other person. in fact, he got punched in the face unexpectedly by another NHL player. i'm sure i dont have to remind anyone about a pro athlete's strength, let alone a hockey player's.

all in all, i am happy with the on ice call because i would expect it to be the same if the tides were turned. i would not have been opposed to an additional game, in fact, id probably expect that too. but that doesnt mean im upset with what happened either...


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