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Originally Posted by Hollywood View Post
my original quoted post was in relation to a ziggy post... duc620 decided to pic from my post so I then gave him my whole viewpoint as to why.... Read up first kid.... I just stated drafted players that contribute now in the NHL... Perhaps in fairness I should have said potential misses...I apologize.
I love Bernier and think he is gonna be #1 for sure(I hope on LA) but I just stated potential misses by our annointed saviour who may just finish off this year where we started when he was hired in I figured for the sake of all, i'd throw in some history of his selections...
In all honesty, before I started, I never knew we missed out on Lucic....but that among many other things just add to the fire...for you to omit these facts are your own choice.
As for Hickey... Have you ever heard of trading? Did we have to gamble on a 4th overall on a could be or a never will be? trade perhaps?
Omit what facts? If the guy DL had panned out instead of Lucic, what would your tune be? Seriously, you are slamming a guy that missed a guy that 28 other GMs missed, seriously bud?

Hindsight is 20/20, think about that, you want some history in his selections, since 2006, he has 8 players that have played 10+ games in the NHL, I put it that way because you have Lotkionov and Bernier included in that,

That's an extremely high success rate, but hey, let's go on your theory,

Detroit had 2 chances to get Lucic, he failed, care to call Holland a poor GM?

Chicago and New Jersey in 1997 both took players before Simmonds, guess that makes for a poor GM there as well,

As far as trades, what kind of market do you think there was for the 4th OA pick in what was widely considered a weak draft.

Who do you think we could have gotten in a trade?

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