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Originally Posted by elevation View Post
Another thing is, that the VR910 is pretty big, you breath into it, so you probably have to get used to some fogging on the bench...this should be no issue, when you're skating...If you hate that, you would have to go with a shorter visor...I got Pro Straights without any fog...and using mostly only water and a fine microfiber cloth...even too scared to use shampoo or anything else...2 or 3 dishes of the AFR lasts long...and get a soft fleece bag for your helmet!
If you have the right anti-fogging solution you should not have ANY fogging. C-Clear is used by military and firefighters. It is also a non-abrasive so no worries about scratches either.

If it keeps my glasses from fogging up under a goalie mask I'm very confident that your visor won't fog up given that there is much more airflow with your visor than there is under my goalie mask. is offline   Reply With Quote