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Originally Posted by IslesZoso View Post
I'm 47 years old and currently play 3rd line center in my D rec league. A few times, our goalie had to miss games for whatever reason, which obviously sucks because we end up fielding 6 skaters and get beaten handily anyway.

SO: Since I've always wanted to try the position anyway (played a bit of goalie in HS gym-hockey), how feasible would it be for me to don pads and start playing as the occasional/backup/fill-in goalie on an as-needed basis for my team?

Am I getting in over my head.. biting off more than I can chew?

ps. I'm not too concerned about the equipment costs, as I know someone who can get me second-hand stuff cheap.
How feasible? Very. Put the gear on and get in the crease.

How effective will you be? That's a different question. Certainly just having a body in between the pipes for a full game will be better than not. If you are going to do this, I would start a good stretching routine immediately. And, during the game, I would just try to play the angles (get to the top of the crease) and let the puck hit you as much as possible. Also use your stick to block low shots instead of trying to butterfly or kick saves.

I don't know what condition that second hand equipment will be, but I have a set of pads that I could sell you that I have only been using since November that are in great shape as well as a blocker and catcher. Shoot me a PM. I see you are in Long Island. I could meet you somewhere off the NJ Turnpike.

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