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Originally Posted by SolidSnakeUS View Post
I honestly though FFX perfected how a turn based battle system should work. Being able to switch out weapons and armor and even other characters mid battle, and you won't even lose a turn if you switch out a character. But nope, they forgot about that and made XII... ugh.
I kind of like not being able to switch out characters. FF games had gotten so easy they were starting to get boring. Not being able to start out with one character leveled up with all the debuffs and almost immediately switching him out for someone leveled up exclusively for physical damage makes it a bit of a challenge. A lot of the stuff I'm fighting now doesn't let me spend too much time buffing or debuffing, so I kind of have to plan when I'm going to sneak a few of those in and how much is worth it. Past games started off every tough battle with casting every single one you had in your arsenal. Boring.

edit: Kimi, totally agree about the bosses leveling in VIII. While it was nice that I didn't have to wander around power leveling (I hate that), it was also silly that you could be as weak as you wanted and still take them on. I thought VIII was a solid RPG, but it was kind of vanilla in its gameplay and I didn't think anything made it set apart.

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