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07-12-2005, 05:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Dar
So, cornering a market is a bad plan of operation for business? Riiiiiiight. And I'm sure Bill Gates would be as much a billionare if he originally opted for windows to be open source.
Hey smart guy, the business is THE WHOLE LEAGUE, not just the Leafs. I guess you'd prefer to just watch inter-squad games in the Toronto Maple Leaf Hockey League?

Originally Posted by Dar
How about, if you are actually a fan of one of these non traditional hockey market teams you get off you ass, and attempt to get a few friends involved in the sport, get them to accompany you to the arena and support the franchise, rather than ask us (the fans of the succesful franchise) to assist in your arena admission by forking over a percentage of our absurd (but admittedly marketable) ticket price.

Well, I knew I'd face ridiculous claims on a Leafs board, but I guess I underestimated by a bit. How exactly are the Leaf fans paying for other fans' admission?

In a true revenue sharing system, that might be partially true; however, what is on the table is not that. The only thing that is going to happen under a cap is that MLSE profits will go up, since their payroll will decrease. They'll still sell out every night. Leaf fans aren't the most discriminating individuals.

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