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10-10-2003, 03:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Guy!
Theo: He wasn't bad, had zero chance on three goals, a marginal chance on one and blew the Alfie goal. Sadly, for this team to do anything, that's not good enough. Then again, it can be said that he was left alone far too often.

Markov: Made an error or two and was either benched or took himself out of it late in the second. Too bad, because he's still the best defenseman in town by a country mile.

Rivet: One of the worst games I've ever seen him play. Perhaps Markov just decided he couldn't take it playing with this guy and benched the pairing.

Brisebois: Stuck to the basics and played an excellent game, even throwing the body on occasion. If he can continue to play this way, he's a ligitimate #3 defender.

Hainsey: When he has the puck, he's great. When he doesn't have the puck, he's prone to some wicked bad mistakes. Part of it is nerves, but really I would have expected better from someone of his potential at this point in his career.

Souray: First game in over a year and played like he was nervous. Elements of his play from the playoffs way back when, and I suspect in two or three weeks, we'll all be much more pleased with his play.

Quintal: Disappointing to the extreme. Made gaffe after gaffe. If I'm the coach, (and they did say that players were going to get ice time on merit this year) Komi takes his place next game.

Hossa: Some good, some bad. Showed more than his average game last year, but honestly, this is a guy we need to take two or three steps forward, not just one. Playing on the first line at this stage is too much, but he wouldn't look out of place on line two.

Ribeiro: Showed more than I would have expected. The goal was of the dangle variety which should make plays of the week which is nice. His play off and on the puck was much stronger than in the past. Definitely not a first line centre, and probably never will be, however as a fill in number two for the year, I'm sold if he plays like today.

Zednik: Obvious that the Ottawa D keyed on him more than anyone else. Whenever he got near the puck there were routinely two guys closing him down. Without Sax in the lineup, he's the only real threat, and everyone will know that this year. Up to him to up his game to cement himself as a solid, dependable first liner this year.

Bulis: Strong at both ends of the rink, despite his +/-. Shame he had to play with those linemates. Once we get Sax back, he'll at least have a centre to work with.

Perreault: Better defensively, but gives up when the puck is just out of reach. Wonderful hands, but doesn't pay the price to get into position to use them. Waste of a spot, in my opinion. If we're going with youth, this is the first guy I toss overboard.

Audette: Better than what we saw last year, but he'll never get 20 playing like he did. He needs to use that extra gear he has to be useful - he failed tonight.

Sundstrom: Disappointing at both ends. And yet, I think for him to improve, he needs to get on a better line. Put him on the right of line two with Ribby and Bulis, and you might have something.

Juneau: Last year he lost three steps. This year it's another three. The heart he gives each shift makes less and less impression on the game now. Then again, he's still crafty and smart defensively.

Dackell: Played a typical Dax game. Mostly dependable defensively and offered more offense than anyone else on that line.

Dwyer: At least he didn't lose his fight. Otherwise, he's an AHL player all the way.

Ryder: Impressive and outclassed his linemates rather badly. Perhaps stick him on the second line with Ribby and Bulis and see what happens.

Ward: Lots of effort. Lots of heart. AHL skill-set. He's the typical AHL star who is never able to crack the NHL reliably. See Michel Picard et al.
I am with you on most of your comment. I think Audette and Perrault are on the way out of Montreal. At the end they where playing with Dwyer and only for a couple of minute. I think both of them are in the dog house. For Ward, the fact that he have to play center was brutal on is game. Near the end with bulis at center it was a lot better. Ryder was the sunshine in this gloomy game. He play a lot like Zednik but with a little less speed. Will become really good with time.
Let cross our finger and hope for the best...

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