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Originally Posted by Sting36e View Post
Exposed as what? No one forces anyone to fight! Prust fights because he chooses to. These fights are staged and in nearly all cases, are completely meaningless and have no impact on the outcome of the game.

Fighting, or not fighting, has nothing to do with how tough a team is. You don't have to fight to prove that you're tough. Toughness, real toughness, shows through during the game. Toughness matters in battles along the boards, in the corners, in the willingness to battle through opposing defenders on a rush down the ice. Toughness shows when a player is willing to take a hit to make the play, not during the 30-45 seconds where two guys are punching each other in the face to delight the bloodlust-filled primates sitting in the stands who are too drunk to appreciate anything else.
Yes that's a fair statement to make.

Everything else you said is pure wisdom but geez with the last bit if anyone's out for blood it's you there with that last statement. Watching a teammate or player for your team go out and whip a** logically can pump up a crowd and a team. There's a purpose beyond stereotyping and insulting everyone who might enjoy that. For me the novelty wore off after the first 5 seconds of Boog's first fight but I wouldn't begrudge anyone if they enjoyed it. Being a drunken moron has nothing to do with enjoying the on-ice product. To expand on that being a drunken moron has a lot more to do with being 1 in 1,000 and antagonizing an oppossing teams fans. Spitting on visitors, throwing beer and food at them. Simply enjoying the fight between two goons does not make a drunken idiot.

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