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Originally Posted by rinkrat22 View Post
but you have to remember our masks don't have any type of anti fog coating, at least the ones we use at my FD. (they're Scott) And my first visor didn't scratch, the coating was damaged by using a different product than the AFR. I know that the anti fog made by RainX uses alcohol in their product that would definitely mess up the coating. Now I can't weigh in on C-Clear as I have never seen it. Just my $.02 though.
From C-Clear's website

"Will NOT HARM tinted, anti-glare or/any protectective coatings on prescription or non-prescription lenses if properly applied. Does not contain SILICONE!"

"C-Clear™ has been lab tested and proven to be safe to use on glass, polycarbonate lenses and other plastic lenses that have been treated with anti-glare and other type coatings and tinting."

I've also used it on my Rx sunglasses and had no issues there either. is offline   Reply With Quote