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Originally Posted by mooseOAK
Because if the amount of the original contract is spread over a number of years then the original NHLPA member keeps the full value of his contract and it frees up cap space for another NHLPA member.

The NHLPA benefits.
How do you come up with this stuff ?? Restructuring doesn't do that .. If Mats makes $6 mil and you only have $1 mil cap space left then the next player makes $1 mil .. Together its $7 mil total .. If Mats restructures and now makes $5 mil instead the cap becomes $2 mil and the next player gets paid $2 mil and together with Mats they make $7 mil again .. NO difference at all ..

What you are suggesting via restructuring is really asking Mats to revenue share with the next player so he can have his salary topped up ..


The 30 teams all employ about 23 players and together each team needs to be below the cap.

Restructuring jobs has nothing to do with creating more jobs .. Restructuring is a tool that allows Owners to put the profit above the Hard Cap Figure into their own pockets and divert the attention with this slight on hand trick on to the greedy player to the fans and blaming the teams lack of success for not renegotiating on Mats.

If you can't make a competitive team on the ice at the Cap limit .. Then raise the bar, but don't ask players that have given more then their share back, in order to give more to compensate for a bad CBA ..

The pan handling teams are lowering the quality of the on ice product because they require the bar to be set so low that for their sake that REAL teams and hockey markets have to pay for that because their entertainment cost remains the same the owner makes more money and the weakness in the plan shows up on the ice in the composition on the team and the win losses.

Angry fans will soon see the fruits of this battle and the CBA as pro-owners that they wished for ..

Why would a player like Sundin restructure anyways .. He is the Leafs leader and plays like it day in and day out .. He deserves every penny he gets and Leaf fans gladly give it to see him do his thing .. Restructuring just costs him his own money. If Mats is still playing at a high level when this current deal expires then he will automatically get a new deal at the end .. No need to take less money now so he can get an extension on a deal he is very likely going to receive anyways ..

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