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02-03-2011, 06:48 PM
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I got some and yes, the volume is low. I also fail the pencil test just a bit on the 5th eyelet.The service is very personal, every question I had was answered within hours via mail.These are very stiff skates and very comfortable. My reason, getting them was, that I broke my ankle (June), got 6 screws and a plate in my right foot -my Doc said I maybe can't play this season (but playing since October)- and all my other skates hurt. So before I get my next pair (customs) and after talking with the guys at MLX, I thought, why not! Weight isn't that important for me. They are 'light', but not crazy light, like TO or CL. I really like the toecap. It's pretty short, very stiff and feels seamlessly connected to the boot. I sometimes have problems with cups at the point, where my toes end. My MLX feel really fine there. Arches are high, but ok for me, and I got exactly that 'feeling' the guys at MLX describe, this was gone after the first skate. I still use the original soles. Durability is no problem after about 30 times of use and they offer very good protection. I can recommend them.
I'm still not so sure about the inserts, my right foot is a bit shorter than my left. I tried around with them, when I got the skates, but don't use them. I probably have to trim/shorten them, but I am just too lazy to unlace my skate. And finally, it never really interested me, if or what pro is using 'my' skates, some use MLX though. If that's a point for a high-(ab)usability, ok. But for fit? My skates have to fit ME. Most 'pro skates' are customs anyways, buy what fits! ;-)

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