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07-12-2005, 10:04 PM
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On a personal level, I would have an issue with it, since I was a 14-year-old boy once and I know that if a girl was changing in the stall next to me, shorts and t-shirt or not, I'd be looking. I wouldn't say any wise ass comments or whatever, unless the girl could take it and dish it out just as well, but I know that likely, that girl, or girls, would become eye candy to a collect of about 20 mid-teen boys. Guys in high school/university likely can handle it better, for maturity and other reasons, but a 14-year-old boys 'curiousity' isn't a good thing to have in this situation.

That said, there have been a number of a women on this thread that have said they have been on men's teams for years and that it hasn't been an issue and I have no personal experience myself with girls on the same team as me, so I'll go along with it. If those that have lived through it have no complaints, on the whole, why should I?

I will still say no to the idea though on the matter of principal. If a guy can't be on a girls team and change in a girls locker room, it shouldn't be perfectly fine the other way around. Unless their is a clear lack of women hockey programs in a given area, women should not be allowed on men's teams and, therefore, not allowed to change in men's locker rooms.

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