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07-12-2005, 09:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Dynamix
You want boys and girls in the same dressing room? Fine. 2 words.

Under Armour.

As for showering after the game, depending on the arena, a situation won't be too hard to figure out. My arena has the showers for dressing rooms 1/2 connected as well as 3/4. In that case, since 2 dressing rooms are empty at the time of the shower because the other teams are on the ice, the females and males could use the showers for the other dressing room. Is that too hard?
Not many teams would want to leave their dressing rooms unlocked while on the ice. I know I wouldn't let players from another team shower in my team's room.

The girls who think they should be allowed to change with the guys are forgetting the biggest issue: liability.

As already mentioned, while you might not care if you see a guy's package while he quickly drops his boxers and puts on some hockey underwear, 95% of the world sees a problem with that. (Also, depending on what you wear under your gear, if any of the guys get a glimpse of your chest, you know you're going to hear about it.) If something does happen, the governing association, the coach (me), parents of any guilty boys, and likely the girl's parents as well, are all liable for whatever abuse might take place. No way will I ever take that risk.

In the refs room, our options are limited. Therefore it becomes somewhat of a circus when we call a game with a female official on the crew. Official rules say the male officials must be out of the room when the female is changing, and then she must leave when we go to change. That said, there is usually only one female with two guys calling the game, so she'll usually just go into the bathroom stall to change, and we'll quickly change at the same time.

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