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Boston had Phil Esposito, Bobby Orr, Wayne Cashman, Ken Hodge and Johnny Bucyk. And they had another advantage - playing on home ice. In such a situation, coaches usually prefer to rely on experienced players, yet Al MacNeil took a chance on his novice. And Ken defeated the Bruins almost single-handedly. The series lasted for seven games, and Dryden rescued his team after quite a few sloppy plays and from goals that should have been scored.-Legends of Hockey
Ken Dryden was far from the stereotypical NHL goalie. The average goalie is always edgy and a little nervous, and you really can not blame them for that. But Dryden was as cool and confident as could be.- Joe Pelletier
During his short first season in the NHL, Ken Dryden demonstrated brilliant technique as a goalie and an ability to win even in unfavorable situations - qualities acquired with experience...Ken gained a reputation for his exceptionally quick reflexes and his brilliant work with the goalie stick. He even got 23 assists during his career. But the most important statistic of all is the six Stanley Cup wins in eight seasons.- Legends of Hockey
More than any of his dazzling moves, big saves or stolen games, it was his "thinker's pose" that most people vividly remember about Ken Dryden. When the puck was cleared from his zone or when the play was whistled dead, Dryden would coolly dig the tip of his blade into the ice and fold his arms across the top. He simply relaxed until the puck came back down to his end.- Joe Pelletier
The guy that showed he could step from anywhere right into the hot water, like he did when he was a rookie. He played only six games (in the regular season) and took on the role of goaltending for the Canadians against Boston in the playoffs in '71. He went on from there to show that he was one of the top goaltender of all time. Intelligent, very smart, and one of the very best conditioned athletes.- Bob Cole, for By The Numbers
The Toronto St. Pats are proud to select, our starting goaltender...


Awards and Achievements
6 x Stanley Cup Champion (1971,1973, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979)
5 x First Team All-Star (1973, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979)
1 x Conn Smythe Trophy Winner (1971)
1 x Second Team All-Star (1972)

Hart Voting- 2nd(1972), 4th(1973), 4th(1976), T-10th(1977),

All-Star Voting: 2nd(1972), 1st(1973), 4th(1975), 1st(1976), 1st(1977), 1st(1978), 1st(1979)

S% Standings- 3rd(1972), 1st(1973), 6th(1975), 2nd(1976), 1st(1977), 1st(1978), 3rd(1979),

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