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Originally Posted by Matthiasitchy View Post
I'm quite sure he's referring to Toronto Maple Leafs fans.

I live in Toronto and let me tell you, you meet some of the biggest morons here in Toronto. I was also here during all the McCabe bashing. The guy has made a couple of mistakes but NO defenseman is perfect. Even Lidstrom makes mistakes and is even a minus player this season.

The thing in Toronto is that one or two mistakes will kill you, but when you score on your own net like McCabe did they'll go for the jugular. They don't know talent here at all. Their fans are arguing with me that Reimer could be starting goaltender, like they're stupid trust me. I literally know more and sound much more informed than any Leaf fan I've ever spoken to in the city (I know this may sound like bragging but it's honestly just fact). There's a lot of knowledgeable fans in this city but they're just few and far between.

Caber is a solid defenseman that ANY team in the NHL would benefit from. He's our captain and I would love to keep him for 2 more seasons. I do want Weiss to become captain and he will be soon so that could effect the decision on whether we push to resign Bryan or not. I just want the end result to have him in a Panthers uniform next season.
Pretty much what Markstrom rules said.
He's a good, not great, point getter...but I'm seeing McCabe as capt = PDB as a coach.
It's time for me to give my $$ to something else.

As for the record with/without...that never carries his team into the playoffs anyway, does it? I mean, cool-9th place over 11th...y'know?
We need Ellerby and Kulikov to do what they were meant to...add the Guds...

Hey! I know what make the PP better, with or without McCabe....NO MORE HULTON!!!

I also liked that Stillman run PP better than the McCabe run PP. It seems Stillman's the smartest hockey guy in the org.

Only thing I didn't like was the decision not to protest for review...other than that I don't hate his leadership or personality, etc..

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