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02-04-2011, 05:03 AM
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A open toe curve (if I understand the term right, a lot of open hook at the front of the blade, right?), is not really designed as a (clean) shooting curve IMO.

1. It gives you a good backhand option, since there is little hook from the heel and out so to speak.

2. Its usful when stickhandling, you can like pull the puck back with the front of your blade. Good for nifty stickhandling moves.

3. And when shooting, you can a) roof the puck more easily (compared to a straigther blade) and b) the shot is often pretty irregular so to speak.

But its not a perfect shot hook, its a combination of stickhandling/shooting/backhand hook so to speak.

I could imagine that a open toe curve might demand a tad more strength in the hand then a blade with more hook cloose to the heel. That might be a reason for why your son's shot went downhill so much when changing blades.

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