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Stayed away for a little bit and glad I did. Not sure what's going on with you Aud Won. Normally I can at least understand if not agree with the stuff you put up. But wow, you seem to have gotten stuck on a one track argument.

So let me see if I got the basics of the thread so far.

Most agree (not all) that the primary need is a winger and specifically for Geno. Most also agree we would prefer (but won't limit our options to) a Malone or Sykora type player. Pretty much looking for a guy who can create space with his body or can finish with the space Geno creates. Not that shero would look past a deal that doesn't include one of these types but only that these are the targeted type players.

On to the candidates.

Setoguchi (my guy)- not a probability due to SJ being in 5th last time I checked and he is finally starting to play a little better. If you ask me he checks all the right boxes. He can skate, backcheck, decent hands/finishing, young and improving, great cap hit. This would still be the guy I would go after if they are selling but in all likelyhood this one isn't gonna happen.

Bergfors(aud won)- also not a probability due to his teams standing but they are spiraling as of late so they might be sellers come the deadline. He also makes sense based on their need for some pk help and our need for some finishing help. However it's ALL going to be based around how much Atlanta values him. If he has the talent/ceiling that we are all hoping for then it makes no sense for an up and coming team like Atlanta to trade him, conversly if they feel he just doesn't have it and are willing to part with him then we have to hope that he proves them wrong.

Hemsky (many)- The folks supporting acquiring him bring valid points to the discussion but I will forever be hesitant to pick up anyone with as many question marks surrounding him. Too streaky, too fragile, too on again off again for his cap hit for me to see him as a good fit for this team. I understand those that don't agree with me and that's fine I won't try to convince you he wouldn't help. I know he would. I just wouldn't make this trade a priority because I don't know how much/ how often/ how consitently that help would appear.

Penner (me again)- If I was going to trade with EDM this is the guy I would be going after (or one of their you generational talent wingers if Steve Tambelini lost his mind). He is a great finisher, big body, skates darn well, and is responsible defensively. He hits all the wickets for a long term solution. Down side is he can be a little on again off again, and his is NOT a devoted backchecker 100% of the time, and he's got a pretty big contract. I could see EDM keeping him around but if they don't I could see him being the Malone replacement for Geno.

Booth (me again)- not a good chance but this one completely depends on Dale Tallon, if he is deemed part of the core to rebuild around, no chance the guy is moving. However if he doesn't fit Tallon's plans for the team this is an almost perfect fit on this team. Some have questioned his durability, I don't, he has good hands, feet, and eyes. uses them all pretty well. has shown to be more than decent in every zone and in every situation. Well rounded you might say. However like I said I don't think he's moving.

Frolik (not sure)- He has skill....but. I don't like his style to much. It always seems like he is on his own page when he is playing. He doesn't seem to use his linemates very well and doesn't seem to backcheck all that well. My biggest conern would be his ability to mesh with this team and it's players. Good points have been brought up about his contract and talent level but I don't think his "basic" hockey sense is very good and this team functions very much off of keeping it simple.

Brunette (many)- Not trying to hate here, but am I the only one who thinks it is time to move past the "has been and maybe could be again" theme we have going at the deadline. Don't get me wrong, Brunette is a "good" player but I just don't see the skill and speed it would take to "mesh" with our system or be much of an upgrade over who we already have. Also, the Wild absolutely love this guy. It would take a pretty gross overpayment from the Pens to get a deal done for him and he's not a guy I'd be willing to overpay for.

Brown (not sure)- This may be the least likely of all the proposals I have seen. If (and that is a big if) LA for some unknown reason decided that Brown was no longer in their plans I'd be prepared to move anything not considered core players to acquire him. Love his game, and he has a great cap hit. Young, hit's like a truck, can finish consistently, sees the ice well, plays well away from the puck. I mean, what's not to love. Back to reality, it's not happening.

Ryan (not sure)- see brown above, same story, little higher cap hit.

Perry- see above

Boyes (not sure)- not even going into detail on this one. No thank you on almost all accounts.

PA Parenteau (not sure)- Good arguments made by both sides, but I would take a pass. I just don't see him as an upgrade really. Yeah, I like his effort, but we have that for days on this team. Any move we make should be about addressing a need not reinforcing a strenght (unless it's just too good to pass up).

I'm sure I missed a few, but I just wanted to kind of summarize out loud what we pretty much determined so far. Anybody got anything else worth discussion?

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