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02-04-2011, 10:12 AM
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Bored, so I went ahead and did my leagues playoff predictions;

Lots of these spots could change after Sunday, I'm not really sure how that will impact things going forward.

Playoff predictions

So now that almost all the divisions are clinched (Oceanic East may be the worst 3.x division... ever.) and most of the playoff teams are locked in, I thought it would be a good time to do the playoff predictions with an off day tomorrow.

Well, that last part is a lie. I'm gonna be drunk all day Saturday and Sunday, so there's no way it's getting done before the playoffs unless I do it today.

Conference Quarterfinals

National Conference

Lancaster Mighty Soldiers v. Knoxville Cooks - I expect the Mighty Soldiers to roll, even if the Fairfield Guerrilla end up being the team they face. Neither has the firepower or defense to hang with Lancaster. Lancaster in 2 games.

Philadelphia Flyers v. Birmingham Purple Grays - Talk about an interesting series. They split their four games on the season, each team with 1 regulation win. The Flyers won in a shootout in their second meeting of the year, and most recently lost in overtime. Despite that, my pick is the Flyers in 3 games.

Louisville Gurus v. Phoenix RoadRunners - Two very solid teams. The Gurus won 3 of 4 matchups this season, all by one goal, and their lone loss came by 2 goals. Gurus in 3.

Anchorage Broadswords v. Maine Gods - This should be a good series as well, with some very tight defensive games. The Broadswords swept Maine this season, winning both matchups by one goal, and both in regulation. However, The Broadswords aren't exactly hot right now, so I'm taking the Gods in 2.

Oceanic Conference

Oakland Green Devils v. Medford AM Architects - Both of these teams may originally hail from 4.2, but the Green Devils are superior in every way. Green Devils in 2.

Alabama Reign v. Tulsa Harpers - Season series was split one game a piece, each team winning by a score of 3-1. However, the Reign have a GD that is 55 goals higher than the Harpers' -1. Reign in 3.

Hartford Railers v. Raleigh Mob - The Railers lost both games this season to the Mob in the shootout. Given that and the inconsistent play of the Railers down the stretch, give me the Mob in 3.

Sebastian Helos v. Oklahoma City Tornadoes - The Tornadoes should end up ripping the Helos to pieces. Oklahoma City in 2.

Conference Semifinals

National Conference

Lancaster Mighty Soldiers v. Maine Gods - Battle of the brothers. Mighty Soldiers have the season series right now at 2 games to one, but they're also playing again on Sunday Morning. Despite the unknown tally for the finale (See what I did there?) I'll take Lancaster in 3.

Philadelphia Flyers v. Louisville Gurus - Flyers won both matchups this season, one in the shootout. Expect a low-scoring defensive affair. Flyers in 2.

Oceanic Conference

Oakland Green Devils v. Raleigh Mob - Raleigh lost both games to Oakland this season by a total of 7-1. I expect more of the same. Green Devils in 2.

Alabama Reign v. Oklanhoma City Tornadoes - Season series was split one game each, with a shootout win for Oklahoma, and a decisive 4-1 victory for the Reign. Alabama looks a bit hotter heading into the playoffs, so they get my pick here. Reign in 3.

Conference Finals

National Conference

Lancaster Mighty Soldiers v. Philadelphia Flyers - The series we all want to see. Season series split, a 2-1 win for Philadelphia and a 1-0 win for the Mighty Soldiers. These two teams play very different styles, with the Mighty Soldiers being an offensively fueled team with a responsible defense, and the Flyers being a team that prefers to collapse around the goalie and play tight defense. However, Philadelphia's Timmy Westfield (91 EPA!) is HOT going into the playoffs, and I'm expecting that dominance to continue. Flyers in 2.

Oceanic Conference

Oakland Green Devils v. Alabama Reign - The season series was, once again, split. One game each, both games ending in regulation time. Reign are hot coming into the playoffs, but so are the Green Devils. I'll venture a guess that Oaklands offense is the difference here and the Green Devils take Oceanic for the second year in a row, this time in 3 games.

Wesley Cup Finals

Oakland Green Devils v. Philadelphia Flyers - This is a great matchup of the new guy from 4.2 and the newer guy from 4.2. They didn't face one another this season (That aint right!) so there is not much to look at as far as how they match up against one another. This is one series I'm not gonna predict the outcome to, but it will take three games for one team to come out on top.

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